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CME McKinley supply specialist infusion systems suitable for both the ambulatory & hospital setting for applications including pain management (epidural, PCA & local analgesia), parenteral/enteral nutrition, palliative care and oncology.

More than 300 NHS Acute & Primary Care Trusts plus many private hospitals, homecare providers and GP surgeries now use CME McKinley products testifying to how their innovative & often unique customer-focused product design and the excellent standard of clinical and technical support have been received by customers.

Product Information

The T34 Ambulatory Syringe Pump offers the features & functionality of larger syringe pumps in a small, lightweight, robust, ergonomic, battery powered device. T34 is a safe, simple and reliable syringe pump that can deliver infusions for a wide range of clinical applications allowing small volumes to be administered with significant levels of accuracy. The T34 is ideal for use where fixed or variable infusions of medications are required in hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and in the community and is suitable for subcutaneous, intravenous, epidural, intrathecal and intra-arterial administration.
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